The NKST School of Medical Laboratory Sciences has a vision to train men and women to serve in Medical Laboratory Sciences who will be God fearing and have integrity and are well equipped to be Christian Leaders in their community.


Although there is no particular document to show as to when specifically the training of medical laboratory personnel began in the school which is due largely to lack of proper documentation at the time, it is believed that the school started with the establishment of the Christian Hospital Mkar. The Christian Hospital Mkar started in 1926 by the Dutch Reformed Church of South Africa. The then Northern Regional Government gave the approval for its establishment. In 1960, the Hospital was handed to the Sudan United Mission/Christian Reformed Church of America (SUM/CRC) because of increased hostilities between Nigeria and South Africa over apartheid. In 1980, the SUM/CRC withdrew and handed the hospital to the indigenous church, The Church of Christ in the Sudan among the Tiv= (Nongu u Kristu u hen Sudan Ken Tiv=NKST) in conformity with the indigenization policy of the Federal Government.


The missionary medical laboratory scientist started training the natives to perform very simple but basic quality assured medical laboratory tests. Training in this case was not-formal, non-certificated and the workers so produced were meant to be utilized at NKST Hospital Mkar and other mission hospitals in Takum, Jos, Mbaakon and other neighboring states.


The school started formally in 1968 with the establishment of the Medical Laboratory Technology of Nigeria now the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria when it was accredited by the Institute of Medical Laboratory Technology of Nigeria to run the Medical Laboratory Assistants course. Mr. Len Gabrielse, a missionary medical laboratory scientist was given a provisional approval to train the students and thus he became the first principal of the school in 1968.


This accreditation was reviewed when the need to train more medical lab assistants arose in 1985 and the accreditation to run the medical laboratory technicians course was granted in the same year. This was again reviewed in 2000 under the leadership of Mr. Bam Adeke a native Medical Laboratory Scientist. Approval was again granted to train 20 medical laboratory technicians and 25 medical laboratory assistants.


As earlier stated above, the school started at the NKST Hospital Mkar, but moved to the Directorate of Training and then to the NKST School of Health Technology, Mkar as a Department. It was further moved to its present site under a de-merger arrangement from the School of Health Technology, Mkar. The present site is a piece of Land behind the Eye Clinic and adjacent the Christian Agricultural Cooperative (CAC) covering an area of about 75 square meters. The school is now autonomous and has a governing board, which was inaugurated in January 2002 with Rev. Pastor Mike Iorlaha as its first Board Chairman.




The Principals of the School from 1968 till date:


1.       Mr. Leonard Gabrielse                        -              1968-1976


2.       Elder. Mede W. Iortyom                     -              1976-1979


3.       Mr. Ioryina Ugor (Acting)                   -              1980-1981


4.       Elder Mede W. Iortyom                      -              1982-1990

5.    Mr. Nyinya R.A                                 -               1991-1998

6.    Mr. Bam Adeke I.                             -                1999-2015

7.    Mr. Usur S.I.                                   -                 2016 - Till Date




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