Profile of Principal Officers
Rev. Abya, Ndera John


Rev. Abya, John Ndera was born on the 20th September, 1968 and hails from Buruku Local Government Area.

He attended the following schools:

NKST Demeonstration Primary School, Mkar           1979

Government College Makurdi                                 1985

Reformed Theological College of Nigeria                 1995

Reformed Theological College of Nigeria                 2001

University of Mkar                                                2011

University of Mkar                                                2012

He holds the following certificates

West African School Certificate                             1985

P.D.G.E ADEPA                                                    2011/2012

He also holds Certificate in Religious Education (RBC, Harga), Diploma in Theology as well as Bachelor of Theology.

He has held various positions previously including Pastoring.

His mission is to win souls for Christ.

His philosophy of life "We are all humans irrespective of our positions"

Rev. Abya's hobbies include reading and listening to News.

Rev. Abya, John Ndera is married.


Rev. Jacob Mmem Ikyagh

Rev.  Ikyagh, Mmem Jacob was born on  30th March, 1954 and hails from Buruku Local Government Area of Benue State.

He attended the following schools:

NKST Pilot Demeonstration Primary School, Mkar           1967

N.K S.T Len Gabrielse Sch. of Med. Lab. Science, Mkar 1974- 1977     

Reformed Theological Seminary, Mkar                   1996-2000

University of Mkar, Mkar                                      2001-2002

Benue State University, Makurdi                           2009-2010

Educational qualification:   SSCE, MLT, B.Th, PGDE, M,Ed

Professional qualification: Reverend Pastor, Medical Lab. Technician, Educational Manager

Previous positions held: N.K.S.T Health Executive SecretaryVision, Mission Statement: “Service to God and Humanity, doing all things for the glory of God”Philosophy of life: “Faithfulness and Honesty is my watch word”

Rev. Ikyagh's hobbies include reading and farming. He is married with five children and two grand children.




Rev. Ager Tyav G.

Rev. Ityav Gideon Ager,  was born on the 25th December, 1970 and hails from Vandeikya Local Government Area of Benue State.

He attended the following schools:

Kings Comprehensive College, Mkar                   1988-1991

Bimtech, Gboko                                               1993-1995 

Reformed Theological Seminary, Mkar               2005-2009

Fidel Polytechnic Gboko                                     Student     

Educational qualification:   WASC, Diploma in Theology

Professional qualification: Reverend Pastor

Previous positions held: Accountant/pastoring as missionary

His mission is to trust in the Lord for all things.

His philosophy of life “we are all one body in Christ”

Rev. Ager's  hobbies include Pastoring. He is married with six children 





Orngu, Tertese Jacob

Orngu, Tertese Jacob was born on the 12th October, 1989 and hails from Ukum Local Government Area.

He attended the following schools:

NKST Wadata Nur/Pri School, Mkar                       2002

Mbapuun Grammar Secondary School, Sankera     2008

University of Mkar, Mkar                                      2011

Fidel Polythenic Gboko                                         2012

He holds a  Diploma in Library Science.

His philosophy of life "As long as all fingers are not equal, live your life and do not compare yourself with others"

His hobbies include Playing Table Tennis.

His mission is "To be the gatekeepers for those seeking knowledge"

Mr. Orngu, Jacob is a Christian and single.

Mmadunwobi Ameachi Emmanuel
Course Cordinator

Mmadunwobi Ameachi Emmanuel was born on the 2nd December, 1970 and hails from Njikoka  Local Government Area of Anambra State.

He attended the following schools:

Greater Revival Bible School Israel

School of Med. Lab Sceince ABU, Zaria

Government Day Sec Sch,Kurmi/Mash (NDA) Kaduna

St Gregory Secondary School, Lagos Street, Kaduna

Educational qualification:

          i. Ph.D., Dip. Th, AMLSCN -   

Professional qualification: Medical Lab. Scientist/ Theology

Previous positions held:

       i.   Quality Control Officer, Yuteco Foods, Gboko

       ii.   Medical Lab. Scientist/ Chief Medical Lab. Scientist -

Philosophy of life: “the world owes no man a living but owes everyone the opportunity to make a living in the right course”

Hobbies: Reading

Religion: Christianity

Vision, Mission Statement: To present Christ to student and staff so that they become Christians.

Ogbuanya Christopher, O
Lecturer and Exam Officer

Ogbuanya Christopher, O was born on the 2nd  May, 1981 and hails from Igbo-Eti Local Government Area of Enugu State.

He attended the following schools:

University of Nigeria, Nsukka                                2001-2007
Saint Theresa’s College, Nsukka                           1994-2000 Community Primary School, Ozalla                        1989-1994

Educational qualification:  B.MLSProfessional qualification: B.MLS; AMLSCN; ANIM
Previous positions held: H.O.D Heamatology, Lambic Medical Laboratory and Physiotherapy Centre, Aba.

His philosophy of life “Life is all about quest for solutions to problems”

His hobbies include Playing Soccer

His mission is “To achieve success and excellence”

Ogbuanya Christopher is a Christian and married.


Dagbah, Edward Terzungwe
Lecturer and Dean Student Affairs

Dagbah, Edward Terzungwe was born on the 4th April, 1965 and hails from Vandeikya Local Government Area of Benue State.

He attended the following schools:

School of Medical Lab. Science (NVRI VOM)             2001-2006
School of Medical. Lab. Science, Mkar (MLT)           1988-1990

School of Medical Lab. Science, Mkar (MLA)            1983-1985

Government College Makurdi                                  1977-1982

L.G.E.A Primary School, Makurdi                             1971-1977

Educational qualification:   MLT

His philosophy of life “be hardworking and gentle”

His hobbies include watching wrestling.

His mission is “To be God fearing and helping those in need”

Mr. Dagbah  is a Christian and married.



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